vendredi 3 septembre 2010


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Cristina a dit…

I'm going to write a post with some works of Carlo Mattioli, I hope that you will see them on my blog

Soon I'll post another great artist, see you soon! cristina:)

Je vais écrire un post avec quelques œuvres de Carlo Mattioli, j'espère que vous allez les voir sur mon blog

Bientôt, je vais poster un autre grand artiste, à bientôt! cristina:)
Trascrizione fonetica
Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

Prządka a dit…

I sincerely admire this blog. It is a great collection of what I like. This is a pity that it is not updated. I hope that you will continue this excellent guide to the art. Greetings from Poland :)

Prządka a dit…

Hello again:) Thanks for your response. I do not have an account on Facebook, but I'll visit your blog often and willingly. Greetings from Poland again :)